aap Implantate AG | Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure

Current Shareholder Structure (July 31, 2023)

– according to our information –

Youshi Medical (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., China*¹ 13.80%
Merval AG, Switzerland*² 9.31%
PNO Asset Management GmbH*³ 9.09%
Axxion S.A., Luxemburg 9.08%
ShapeQ GmbH, Germany*⁴ 9.07%
Noes Beheer B.V., Netherlands*⁵ 8.33%
Ratio Capital Management B.V., Netherlands 7.57%
Deepblue Holding AG, Switzerland*⁶ 4.01%
Sum Total 100%
of that Organs (board of directors and supervisory board): 4.78%

*1 controlled by Feipeng Huang
*2 controlled by Jürgen W. Krebs
*3 controlled by Dr. G. Haindl
*4 controlled by Simon Haindl
*5 controlled by Jan Albert de Vries
*6 controlled by Rubino di Girolamo
*7 according to Deutsche Börse


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